Math Games for Kids

Math Games for Kids - Gummy Worm

Math Games for Kids - Gummy Worm

My Gummy Friends and I, we love Gummy Games and play Math Games for Kids, so we can count all day. Why don't you join us and see how you do, just say each of the numbers as they come to you.

Boogie Burrito kicks us off with a 1, 2, 3 and Go-Go Gopher counts 4, 5, 6 and 7 like the numbers you see. Are Math Games for Kids easy for you? Are you saying the numbers like your supposed to?

Well the Gummy Worm and Friends have more counting to do, so keep your Gummy count Moving until we are through. Happy Snail is a singer of the happiest songs and will sing out the last numbers, so please do sing along. Sing 8 out loud and then softly sing 9, the number 10 your highest note, and your count is just fine!

Now practice counting and singing from 1 to 10, and when you are done, well do it again!

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