Gummy Worm story time

Gummy Worm story time for kids

GO GO Gopher

GO GO Gopher gummy worm friend


When I was just a baby Gummy, I loved fruits and vegetables in my tummy. Because Mom & Dad, my Grandparents too, always made sure I ate healthy food. Now that I’ve grown up happy, healthy and strong, I always eat healthy and eat til it’s gone! Now I want to know what you find so yummy, so please do tell me what you like in your tummy?

Gummy Worm

Gummy Worm


While growing up in Gummyland, I liked to stretch out like a rubberband. And sometimes while stretched out, I would let go, And fly through the air like a plane or a crow!
If you ever feel like having such fun, just stretch out your arms, and fly as you run!