Gummy Worm Happy Thanksgiving

Sometimes Holiday tables set can be turned, for instance on this special Thanksgiving, the Turkey meets the Gummy Worm! Whether a Turkey or a friend, playing in the Gummy band, everyone of you is welcome, to share Thanksgiving in Gummy land.

Gummy Worm Happy Thanksgiving



We welcome you with open arms, wings and colorful tails, and please invite your friends to share in a most delicious meal.

We are so thankful for your love and friendship, and the gifts you give the world, making us all so very proud and grateful, for the world's beautiful boys and girls.

Regardless of who you are, or where you call home, don't ever stop believing in yourself, or the dreams you call your own.


You will always have loving friends here in Gummy land, and this Thanksgiving reach out to those without, and offer them your loving hand.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time, for us to love and to share, so please open your hearts this Thanksgiving, and show the world you care! Peace, love and happiness from your friends in Gummyland!

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