Gummy Worm Friends summer fun

Gummy Worm and The Gummy Worm Band, Friends summer fun!

I like to work hard just as you do, and when the work is done, I like to play too. Spending time with my friends and the Gummy Worm Band always puts a smile on my face, and in the summer we like to spend time in a very special place.

Gummy Worm Friends summer fun

Gummy Worm Friends summer fun

It's been such a fun summer with my Gummies, The Gummy Worm Band and me, playing in the sand right next to the sea!

With so many places I like to go and to be, do you know where I am with my friends by the sea?

Answer: BEACH in America or PLAYA in Spain, a day at the BEACH is always a fun day!

Gummy Worm Friends summer fun!

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