Gummy Worm Dancing CarToon!

I was out Gummy Moving along today, when a Gummy Worm Band friend came my way. He was singing Kids Songs with a smile on his face, and was excited to be, on my web space.

Gummy Toon

Gummy Worm - GummyToon

Gummy Worm - GummyToon

Gummy Worm - Gummy Worm Dancing CarToon!

He looked at me funny and laughed for a bit, then said I have drawn a cartoon and you're it! I said you are kidding as Children's Books often do, but he said oh no, just look it is You!

So I ask you my friends from Gummyland and elsewhere, is this cartoon the Gummy Worm?

Now be honest and please share!

Then ask everyone and include Mom and Dad, just what would you call this Gummy Worm cartoon Hash Tag?


Download my Gummy Worm Dancing Cartoon!

Gummy Worm Dancing CarToon!

Gummy Worm Dancing CarToon!

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