Gummy Falling Hearts San Valentin´s Day video

There are many special Gummy Worm days in the year, and this one has hearts filled with love to share.

Hearts to share with family and friends, and in Gummyland where kids fun never ends!

On this special day where hearts can be found, just look to the sky, because they're falling down.

And when you see bright red hearts as they turn, you'll say to yourself that's the Gummy Worm! Yes, this new video is just for you, to share with your friends and your family too.

Now what's the special Gummy Worm day of the year, where hearts can be found filled with love to share? Yes, that's what I thought I heard you say, and the Gummy Worm wishes you a Happy Valentine's day!

I love you! Happy San Valentin´s Day

Gummy Falling Hearts San Valentin´s Day video

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