One day slowly moving with the happiest smile, I decided to swim and then relax for awhile.

While on the beach I heard from the sea, the happiest song, moving closer to me.

I was amazed, as I turned towards the sea, as there swam a worm singing ‘Gummy Moving’!

I then asked thIs worm, and most colorful thing, what was his name and why did he sing?

He said,  “I’m Gummy Worm, and I  swam from Gummyland, and I sing Gummy Moving, everywhere that I can!”

He wants to share his song with every color of the world, and his new ‘Gummy Moving’ Dance, with every boy and every girl!

Have you heard the song Gummy Worm wants to share?  And if you learn the dance, you can do it everywhere!

Pondering Penguin Testimonial:
I was pondering the many things,
that family does mean, while sitting with friends by a cool running stream.
We thought about love, and we pondered trust, but what we thought about most, is what family means to us!
And as I looked out across the cool running stream, I saw the brightest colored Worm, that I’d ever seen!
Gummy Worm was in Gummyland on the other side of the stream, as he had been pondering the very same things!
Do know what Gummy Worm was pondering that day? Perhaps you can tell us, yes please do say!


I was going here, I was going there,
yes, I can recall going everywhere.

Green vegetables were so hard to find, that I dug a hole to a new place in time.

When my head appeared in this new special place, I saw so many green vegetables, I could not wait to taste!

And as I began to eat myself full, a worm did appear, and his color did glow!

It was Gummy Worm in his Gummyland, and he welcomed me there, with a shake of his hand.

Gummy Worm said that he liked the same food, as he would blend it with fruit, and then drink it smooth!

Do you know what Gummy Worm liked to eat? If you think you do, then please do repeat!

Go-Go Gopher ,

One day awhile ago, I was traveling around, when I saw in the distance, the most brightly colored town!

I stopped to take a photo for my gallery back home, and that’s when I realized that I was not alone.

There on a stage stood the most colorful worm, and as I took his photo he smiled, and to me turned.

He told me the bright town was Gummy City in Gummyland, and he was out playing, with the friends in his band!

He said his name was Gummy Worm and that he liked to sing. and his favorite song of all, was ‘Gummy Moving’.

I took photos of him and I took photos of his band, and he asked for copies to show in Gummyland.

Before I had left, he asked one last thing. Would I like to help, make a video of ‘Gummy Moving’?

I said of course, and that’s how we met, and today you can see the video at www.gummyworm.net

Lion Around,